Help Me Raise $500 for Sheaves for Christ #SFC16

My Request

My name is David Strader and I’m looking for 100 people to donate just $10 for Sheaves for Christ 2016 in efforts to reach my personal goal of $1,000. I have a deep passion for SFC because it supports missions, abandon children and helps troubled young teens find a christian home and another chance at life.

Alone my efforts are small but together we can truly make a difference! Please partner with me and change a life for Christ.

What’s SFC & Where Does Your Money Go?

Sheaves for Christ is the fundraising ministry of the General Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church International. Since it’s inception in 1952, over $106 million has been raised to help others around the world.

  • SFC is an abandoned child finding hope, healing & a bright future at Tupelo Children’s Mansion
  • SFC is a missionary having a vehicle to spread the gospel throughout the world
  • SFC is a troubled young man, tangled in drugs & alcohol, finding help, direction and a new life at Lighthouse Ranch for Boys

Your giving can give a child, whose parents have left them, a home, a young man another chance at life, an overseas missionary a vehicle to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and so much more. Click on the tabs to the left to learn more!

The dissolution of the traditional family has resulted in the shattering of many young lives. With many young people subject to the problems that a broken home produces, the Mansion provides a place of solace for those who have been abandoned and abused.

The General Youth Division is thrilled to partner with TCM by providing funds that support this vital ministry. For more information about Tupelo Children’s Mansion, please visit

The purpose of Lighthouse Ranch is to heal the broken lives of young men.

This healing is accomplished through therapeutic guidance methods and by the Word of God. Through the spirit of love and caring, Lighthouse Ranch has helped steer troubled boys toward living responsible and mature lives. Visit for more information.

If you’d like to learn more about Sheaves for Christ 2016, please visit