How to Set Up Your Google Plus Custom URL & Be Cool Like Me

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Woot! Recieved an email from Google just a few minutes ago asking if I’d like to customize my Google+ profile URL – well, of course I would Google! Here’s what it looks like:

My Custom Google+ URL

The question you have is…

“How do I get a custom G+ URL?”

Simple, you’ll need to have a profile photo uploaded, at least 10 followers and an account over 30 days old. Once this is complete, just wait for your turn and watch your email for an invite that looks simular to this:

Google+ Custom URL Email


Click on “Get URL”, make your desired selection and you’re done! You CAN request a differnet URL than the suggested one but Google does require you to submit your request, complete with a valid reason for the change and a 2-3 day wait before that’ll happen – I just went with the proposed version.

While I don’t use Google+ often, I’m pretty excited to finally have a custom Google+ URL.