The Gamer in Me Just Rejoiced: ASUS GTX 660 Just Fixed My PC Problem

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The geeky, gamer side of me just rejoiced in the fact that I fixed an in-game problem I was having with my new PC. Let me explain…


The Problem:

I just started playing Guild Wars 2 and had an older system that was actually running it decently enough to play (around 25-30 FPS on average). My father and step-mother gave me a newer system they were using that had a faster CPU/Motherboard, double the memory, same video card and improved cooling yet the game was very choppy and nearly unplayable.

I was (and honestly still am) at a loss for words.

A few friends suggested I upgrade my CPU and motherboard since it is nearly 2 years old but my argument was always 1) this is double the PC my old one was and 2) the old PC ran Guild Wars 2 better 3) I have no clue why and this simply does not make sense.

My new build:

  • AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.2GHz
  • MSI 870A-G54
  • 120GB SSD
  • 500 GB Raptor
  • Galaxy 470 1280MB DDR5 (old video card)

Again, upgraded EVERYTHING outside of my video card.


My Solution:

In short, I went and picked up a new ASUS GeForce 660 video card, installed it and had instantly better frame rates, NO choppy visuals AT ALL (even in town) and amazing graphics all set on High. I’m currently getting 40+ FPS in battles, cities and 360 degree swings.

Several people at Fry’s Electronics recommended I first try upgrading the video card so I picked this monster up and they were right, I’m getting amazing graphics playing Guild Wars 2 using the same AMD 955 CPU but with an upgraded graphics card. It was the fix.

This is not to say that upgrading my CPU & motherboard wouldn’t get me even better graphics and FPS but to be honest, I’m completely satisfied and didn’t have to spend $250+ to fix the problem.